20 Akinadé Bombshell Curves on Instagram (2016)


The 3 Brown Girls | Instagram

Happy New Year! 

I’m very certain that we are all excited for the new year. Planet Akinadé wishes you all a happy new year!. However, considering the fact, that we promised to give you; our readers and followers on social media, the 20 Akinadé Bombshell Curves on Instagram list for the year 2016, Planet Akinadé has decided to herald the new year by publishing the much anticipated compilation. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Planet Akinadé presents: 20 Akinadé Bombshell Curves on Instagram (2016). 

 @cierarogers (Ciera Rogers) 

Ciera is an entrepreneur, philantropist and fashion designer. Her clothing line/online shop based in LA manufactures and sells figure-hugging merchandise for curvy women.

The Texas babe is endowed with some very amazing natural curves, which could make any other woman predisposed to hate her bum cellulite and side fat rolls, to feel more confident and love her body. 

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@anacarolinatv (Ana Carolina Castillo)

Ana Carolina from the Dominican Republic is a TV presenter, professional model, entrepreneur and mother. The pretty-faced maestra de ceremonia (MC) is slim-figured but not without the right curves in the right places.

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@jailyneojeda (Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa)

Jailyne Ojeda is an entrepreneur, student and model; suffice to add, that she’s probably the most popular fitness model on Instagram considering her 5.3 million followers. The luscious Mexican has a very fantastic figure with an amazing small waist. Jailyne has a squat booty and loves to work out, (in fact, during photo shoots, Jailyne wastes no time to do some push-ups, while her photographer is changing camera lenses) focusing on her glutes and legs in the gym.

She claims that most of her large-sized dresses still seem short on her, on account of her amazing assets.

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@kathyzworld (Kathy) 

Kathy is a Cuban model based in Miami, FL. The lovely latina has some sex appeal and has accumulated about 4.7 million followers on Instagram. Kathy’s amazing body and wonderful curves, including her perky booty have earned her a spot on the 20 Akinadé Bombshell Curves on Instagram list for 2016.

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@therealashleygraham (Ashley Graham)

2016 was a great year for this pretty-eyed curvy model, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and wife. She’s the first plus-size model to ever cover Sports Illustrated magazine’s swimsuit issue. The Eva Mendes doppelganger and Glamour magazine ‘Woman of the Year’ award winner, has become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fashion and modelling. Suffice to add, that she’s presently a judge on VH1’s America Next Top Model.

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@soooraven (Raven Tracy)

The gorgeous Raven Tracy is just as stunning as her natural curves. The model and actress is blessed with a wonderful body; a perfect inverted heart-shaped derrière which most women would love to have. Raven loves astrology and pizza.

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@miraclewatts00 (Miracle Watts)

DC rapper Wale once said to Miracle Watts “In the dark, still see your curves…body like watts, swear to God you’re a miracle”. That was the caption on an Instagram photo of Miracle, which she posted on July 11, 2016. The natural beauty is friends with Raven Tracy and Bernice Burgos and they form a trio sometimes referred to as ‘The 3 Brown Girls’. Miracle is a model and a 23-year-old entrepreneur.

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@realberniceburgos (Bernice Burgos)

Bernice is a model, entrepreneur and the third of ‘The 3 Brown Girls’ with about 2.3 million followers on Instagram. It’s amazing how this slim-waisted black beauty gets to have the perfect hourglass figure.

Bernice Burgos is a bold and beautiful chick indeed.

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@therealjkylie (Jessica Kylie)

Jessica Kylie is an entrepreneur, designer, model and party hostess. She considers herself as a successful model, who used to love walking in Barns & Noble to see photographs of hers on magazine covers.

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@therealchelasway (Chela)

She’s a party hostess, exotic dancer and published urban model, who has covered several magazines. Over 1million followers of @therealchelasway on Instagram are always treated to very interesting pictures showing her overwhelming trademark curves, including a somewhat infectious smile.

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@demirosemawby (Demi Rose Mawby)

Demi Rose is a very popular model, considering she’s got about 3.6 million followers on Instagram.  She’s literally doll-faced with a fantastic body and some shapely curves, speaking of which, have earned a spot on the 20 Akinadé Bombshell Curves on Instagram list for the year 2016.

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@anastasiya_kvitko (Anastasia Kvitko) 

Anastasia Kvitko is a glamorous, 22-year-old Russian model based in LA. She’s followed by about 5.1 million people on Instagram, including movie stars and she’s favoured by a lot of photographers. According to Anastasia, her incredible curves are natural and authentic.

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This voluptuous African beauty from Ethiopia has got some jaw-dropping natural curves, speaking of which, may lead one to wonder if she’s the Goddess of Curves or something. @msrtaye is obviously into real estate business and she’s classy. Little wonder her bio on Instagram says “Be a girl with a mind and a lady with class”. Right now, she’s becoming more popular on Instagram; scoring over 85,000 followers on the social network.

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@yaniquecurvydiva (Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett) 

Yanique is a Jamaican TV & radio presenter, a party hostess and an entrepreneur. The very pretty island mermaid is well endowed with some mind-blowing sweet curves, speaking of which, is one reason why she’s gaining more popularity on Instagram.

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@curvy_j (Curvy J) 

Curvy J is a self-acclaimed fitness lover and a model, known for her very impressive figure and blonde hair.

Apparently, she spents a great deal of time working out in the gym, which explains her perky booty. In fact, @curvy_j has a special Instagram account for her work out videos.

However, the pretty Colombiana is a mom (perhaps, one could refer to her as Mrs. Mac) and currently has about 357,000 followers on Instagram.

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@iamsodeelishis (London Charles) 

Talk about a mermaid that lives on land, then you might be referring to London Charles. London is a model, brand ambassador and radio host, based in Detroit, MI.

According to the Radio One Detroit OAP, she has always had an incredible body (even before she opted for a tummy tuck). London Charles’ curves are absolutely “deelishis”.

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@_chinesekitty (Taylor Hing) 

Taylor Hing is a Chinese-Guyanese urban model and  party hostess. She’s very popular on Instagram as her original posts get reposted by other accounts and followers. Taylor’s curves are really incredible; little wonder she’s a favourite of a number of photographers.

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@iambadder (Winny) 

She’s presently being followed by 361,000 accounts on Instagram and the first thing one notices about Winny, aside from her good looks, is her hourglass figure. The thick-thighed Dominican beauty is a model, actress and bartender (but a “badder” one).

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@yadydyva (Yadira)

Yadira is a Cuban model based in Miami, FL. She’s famed for her sculptured body, abs and a perky backside. Her Instagram page records a total of 1.4 million followers.

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@sachelamonte (Sachel Lamonte) 

Sachel (pronounced “Saw-Shay”) is a published model and runs a personal blog. This luscious latina from Mexico is thick-figured and blessed with natural curves. Sachel is the real deal.

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