Olivia Anakwe Celebrates Nigerian Women with Amaka Osakwe



Amaka Osakwe is a Lagos-based Nigerian designer, who is all about celebrating Nigerian and African culture through her Maki Oh designs. Osakwe recently hired ‘Naijamerican’ and New York-based model Olivia Anakwe as one of the models to showcase her Maki Oh Fall 2017 Collection, which features a lot of adire designs and with which she has scored another Vogue magazine feature.

Anakwe posted a photo on Instagram hours ago with the caption “@maki.oh collection live on @voguemagazine now! Thankful to have ended my NYFW with you”.


Osakwe told Vogue that her Maki Oh Fall ’17 Collection was “inspired by the middle-class women from her native city of Lagos, Nigeria who pack themselves into the bright yellow danfo minibuses as they travel around town”. The designer was brought to the attention of America’s West Coast by boutique owner Sherri McMullen a couple of years ago (Thanks to Instagram). Maki Oh designs have reportedly been favoured by Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and Lupita Nyong’o.


Hiring another Nigerian and fellow Igbo like Anakwe to show how Nigerian women dress for celebrations is not a bad idea. So, we give the the thumbs-up to Osakwe.



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