Planet Akinadé Glamour is Here to Stay.

Planet Akinadé GlamourIn a bid to provide our readers, fans and social media followers with more Planet Akinadé glamour content, we have set out to start publishing our signature ‘Akinadé Bombshell Curves of the Day’ and ‘Akinadé Hottie of the Day’, from Saturday, April 1, 2017.


It is pertinent to note, that Planet Akinadé believes that all women should be celebrated regardless of their body size and shape. Therefore, Planet Akinadé seeks to glorify the female body, with the hope that all women would learn to literally feel comfortable in their own skin, be more confident and ultimately love themselves.


Meanwhile, interested photographers, fashion models, glamour models, curvy or plus size models, video vixens, etc should do well and tag @planetakinade with the hashtag #AkinadeBombshellCurves or #AkinadeHotties for a chance to get featured. That way, you are all assisted to get more exposure. In other words, you are brought to the attention of modelling agencies, model scouts, photographers, fashion designers, magazines, industry professionals, brands and other target audience.


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