About Planet Akinadé

Planet Akinadé is an entertainment website and brand by O. J. ‘Laboye, with a focus on film, television, music, as well as, the celebration and empowerment of women.

Planet Akinadé was created in 2016, as an entertainment blog covering the best film, television and celebrity news, as well as a digital marketing platform, to promote movies, documentaries, actors & actresses, music artistes and music videos.

Planet Akinadé also helps models (glamour, fashion, runway, pin up, etc) to get more exposure. In other words, models featured on the website are brought to the attention of modelling agencies, brands, magazines and industry professionals such as photographers, model scouts and fashion designers.

Planet Akinadé believes that all women should be celebrated regardless of their appearance or size and shape. This is one major reason why we created the Akinadé Bombshell Curves™ and Akinadé Hottie™ series to support women of all sizes and diverse backgrounds, by featuring female celebrities, public figures and influencers, from movie stars and pop stars to Victoria’s Secret Angels, Instagram sensations and plus size or curvy women.