Akinadé Bombshell Curves: Lucia ‘Drew’ Ondrisova (Swimsuit Photoshoot)

img_20161106_003157Photographer –  Mishel Photo

Make up –  Daniela Make-Up and Styling.

Slovak curvy model and fashion/beauty blogger, Lucia Ondrisova (Drew) has released a number of steamy hot photos from her recent swimsuit photoshoot.

Drew is the first model to reach out to and to be featured by Planet Akinadé.  Said photos were posted to her Facebook page facebook.com/drew.plusizemodel  on Friday and they are just as delicious as her luscious curves.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Visit Lucia’s Facebook page to see more photos of hers.

Models who would like to be featured in our Akinadé Hottie or Akinadé Bombshell Curves category may email their portfolios with photos attached to emailsforakinade@gmail.com

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