Akinadé Hottie of the Day: Valeria Orsini

Planet Akinadé Hottie of the Day: Valeria Orsini

Valeria Orsini | Instagram

Today’s Akinadé Hottie of the Day is one of the most popular fitness models on Instagram. She’s an ambassador for several fitness brands and even owns an online fitness fabrics store SuperFitBabes.com with Giselle Alonso of ShapeWaist.com.

Valeria Orsini, who happens to be multi-ethnic (considering her Colombian, Italian and Puerto Rican heritage) definitely takes her glute and squat workouts seriously, which probably explains her incredibly sculptured body and perky backside.

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Akinadé Hottie: Lucia Ondrisova (Drew)


Photo: Pierce Hoffman


Lucia Ondrisova is a freelance curvy model. Currently based in Slovakia, Europe.


This stunning Slovenka model has considerable modelling experience as she’s done catalogues, editorial photoshoots, jewellery photos and catwalks.


Lucia’s Details

Name: Lucia Ondrisova 

Nickname: Drew

Weights:    70kg

Height:       172cm

Bust:           99cm

Waist:          80cm

Hips:            113cm

Shoe size:    EU38

Jeans:          EU42


Lucia’s Portfolio


Online catalogue for Sylverro 2016, Budapest/Hungary.

Beauty photoshoot for magazine,  Báječná žena 2016, Bratislava/Slovakia.

Beauty photoshoot for magazine,  Báječná žena 2016, Bratislava/Slovakia.

Editorial for brand, Cotton Candy 2016, Samorin/Slovakia.

Editorial for magazine, Báječná žena, Móda pre bacuľky 2016, Bratislava/Slovakia.

Fashion show,  Curvy is sexy 2016, Berlin/Germany.

Editorial for clothing company, obchod Operatíva 2015 Samorin/Slovakia.

Online commercial Madam Podprsenka 2015, Bratislav/Slovakia.

Fashion show for lingerie company, Triola,  Módna prehliadka Triola 2015, Bratislava/Slovakia.

Fashion show for boutique,  Big and Beautiful,  Módna prehliadka Big and Beautiful 2015, Prague/Czech Republic.

Editorial for plus-size blog, laperita.sk,  Leto ako má byť 2014 Bratislava/Slovakia.

Editorial for plus-size blog, laperita.sk,  Ako oživit nudné outfity 2014 Bratislava/Slovakia.

PierceHoffmannPHOTOGRAPHY5sylverro9951970-DSC_34291970-DSC_340512823250_522936024559195_196372506957255086_osylverro9961966-DSC_3210unspecified (kópia)PierceHoffmannPHOTOGRAPHY712823294_518468625005935_781364377192297464_ounspecified01121PierceHoffmannPHOTOGRAPHY1

For Lucia Ondrisova’s full portfolio,  please visit: facebook.com/drew.plusizemodel

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