Akinadé Hottie: Lucia Ondrisova (Drew)


Photo: Pierce Hoffman


Lucia Ondrisova is a freelance curvy model. Currently based in Slovakia, Europe.


This stunning Slovenka model has considerable modelling experience as she’s done catalogues, editorial photoshoots, jewellery photos and catwalks.


Lucia’s Details

Name: Lucia Ondrisova 

Nickname: Drew

Weights:    70kg

Height:       172cm

Bust:           99cm

Waist:          80cm

Hips:            113cm

Shoe size:    EU38

Jeans:          EU42


Lucia’s Portfolio


Online catalogue for Sylverro 2016, Budapest/Hungary.

Beauty photoshoot for magazine,  Báječná žena 2016, Bratislava/Slovakia.

Beauty photoshoot for magazine,  Báječná žena 2016, Bratislava/Slovakia.

Editorial for brand, Cotton Candy 2016, Samorin/Slovakia.

Editorial for magazine, Báječná žena, Móda pre bacuľky 2016, Bratislava/Slovakia.

Fashion show,  Curvy is sexy 2016, Berlin/Germany.

Editorial for clothing company, obchod Operatíva 2015 Samorin/Slovakia.

Online commercial Madam Podprsenka 2015, Bratislav/Slovakia.

Fashion show for lingerie company, Triola,  Módna prehliadka Triola 2015, Bratislava/Slovakia.

Fashion show for boutique,  Big and Beautiful,  Módna prehliadka Big and Beautiful 2015, Prague/Czech Republic.

Editorial for plus-size blog, laperita.sk,  Leto ako má byť 2014 Bratislava/Slovakia.

Editorial for plus-size blog, laperita.sk,  Ako oživit nudné outfity 2014 Bratislava/Slovakia.

PierceHoffmannPHOTOGRAPHY5sylverro9951970-DSC_34291970-DSC_340512823250_522936024559195_196372506957255086_osylverro9961966-DSC_3210unspecified (kópia)PierceHoffmannPHOTOGRAPHY712823294_518468625005935_781364377192297464_ounspecified01121PierceHoffmannPHOTOGRAPHY1

For Lucia Ondrisova’s full portfolio,  please visit: facebook.com/drew.plusizemodel

Models who would like to be featured in our Akinadé Hottie or Akinadé Bombshell Curves category may email their portfolios with photos attached to emailsforakinade@gmail.com

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