20 Akinadé Bombshell Curves in Hollywood (2016)



They are definitely some of the sexiest women in Hollywood and these singers, reality TV stars, actresses, female rappers and history makers are all blessed in every way. Ladies and gents, I give you 20 Akinadé Bombshell Curves in Hollywood for the year 2016.

Kim Kardashian 

 Mrs. West is famous for a lot of reasons and that includes her luscious curves. We will never forget the time she broke the internet with them, which is one reason why she appears on the 20 Akinadé Bombshell Curves in Hollywood list for 2016.


Kim Kardashian | Facebook


Nicki Minaj

She’s always quick to remind us that she’s got a “big, fat ass” like we don’t know already. It’s just amazing how this Cash Money queen from Queens, New York, is perfectly curvaceous to be envied by so many women all over the world.




Young Money | via Facebook



Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez wowed us with her music, her acting skills and her curvy derriere in the late 80s and early 00s. Nearing her fifties, Jenny from the block is still bootyful and I’m very certain, that right now, the ‘Booty’ singer’s famous exes rue their parting ways with the her.

Jennifer-Lopez-3J. Lo In Yoga Pants



Her name is synonymous to bootylicious, a term she promoted enough to be included in a popular dictionary. Beyoncé’s one diva that so many men would love to be associated with. However, her man, Jay Z, is the lord of her curves (no matter what happens between them).

GiselleBeyonce 2014 Grammysbeyonceshop-beyonce-takes-to-tumblr-to-show-off-her-curves 

Christina Hendricks

An Akinadé Bombshell Curves in Hollywood list cannot be complete without this buxom actress. Most people became aware of her jaw dropping endowments via the hit TV series Mad Men. I’m sure many women could relate when Christina said “Sure, I’d be happier with 10 pounds off, wouldn’t every woman? But when I looked at pictures of myself at the Emmys, I thought I looked beautiful. I didn’t tear myself apart”.


Ashley Graham

Remember her? She’s the model who recently made history when she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit edition, making her the first plus size model to achieve that feat. Ashley had earlier appeared in a ‘Swimsuits for All’ ad in the same magazine’s 2015 swimsuit issue, which promoted the ‘You’ve Got It. Flaunt It’ campaign.




Ashley Graham | via Google


Amber Rose

Kanye West once revealed in one of his hip-hop verses that every rapper wants to get down with his ex-girlfriend, adding that he has respect for Wiz (Khalifa), speaking of whom is the father of Amber’s child. Anyway, sexy Amber recently stated in an interview that her new man treats her like a queen, which should not be a surprise because shapely women like Amber Rose deserve to be queened.

The PEOPLE Magazine Awards - Arrivals

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – DECEMBER 18: Model Amber Rose attends the PEOPLE Magazine Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on December 18, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)


Nick Cannon and Amber Rose at party in Malibu

Amber Rose (pictured with Nick Cannon) | via Google

Mariah Carey

Mariah’s ability to hit the highest notes is well known but aside from that, she’s also blessed with wonderful curves. Sometimes, I wonder why she had to ask him the supercilious question “why are you so obsessed with me?” in her hit track ‘Obsessed’.

Mariah - EmotionsMariah - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angelmcarey-20140508-82


She’s the “million dollar chick” and one of the top female rappers in the game. Also known as Trina the boss chick and Trina rock star, Trina does not hide her “fuckboys” aversion, her Facebook page is pervaded with anti-fuckboy posts and memes. However, she might need to invent a fuckboys repellant if she does not want any of them around her million dollar curves.



Trina | via Facebook

Jordin Sparks

This former American Idol is a sweetheart with a pretty smile. She is curvaceous too; so voluptuous enough to give Jason Derulo vertigo. Jordin’s got Akinade Bombshell Curves that we will always love like a tattoo.




Jordin Sparks | via Facebook


Sofia Vergara


That sultry accent of Sofia Vergara’s is not the only reason why we love the Modern Family star. Her shapely curves have also endeared her to our hearts.

Sofia Vergara01BvFdCc3IIAEBjZEIMG_20160627_010220_937

Demi Lovato 

Most people did not realize Demi Lovato was no longer the young Disney star they used to know, until when steamy hot pictures of hers taken by Vanity Fair photographer, Patrick Ecclesine, were released. Said pictures revealed the new Demi and her breathtaking curves. What better way to encourage other curvy women to embrace their curves, than through those revealing snaps.

Demi Lovatodemi-lovato-is-redy-to-partyimages

Christina Aguilera 

Christina is absolutely voluptuous and she seems ageless just like her curves. It is just as though her song ‘Beautiful’ is dedicated to all women because “You’re beautiful, no matter what they say, words can’t bring you down.”




Christina Aguilera | via Google


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett is a great actress and very easy on the eye; her scarlet-red lips please our senses and to cap it all, she’s got adorable curves too. Scarlett once stated in a 2008 interview “I’m curvy, I’m never going to be 5ft 11 and 120 pounds but I feel lucky with what I’ve got”. Scarlett Johansson’s figure is unarguably one reason why she’s one of the most searched female celebrities on the internet.



Scarlett Johansson | via Google

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer is a very good mom, singer and actress. She’s just as voluptuous as her kissable lips and you will agree with me that David Otunga is a lucky man, right?. Anyway, this list can’t be complete if Jennifer Hudson is not mentioned.



Jennifer Hudson | via Google


Chrisette Michele 

Chrisette has always been a person of interest ever since I saw her in Nas’ ‘Can’t Forget (About You)’ video. The ‘Fragile’ singer is, by all means, full figured with a cute face. When it comes to the 20 Akinadé Bombshell Curves in Hollywood list for 2016, I can’t forget about Chrisette Michele.



Chrisette Michele | via Google

Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin

She’s married to rapper and Law and Order: SVU star, Ice T, who she met in her early twenties. This bombshell has always had a “a small waist and her some hips” She revealed via an Instagram post that she was probably “too skinny” for Ice back in the day. However, Coco loves hitting the gym to get in shape.



Coco | via Facebook

Coco_post baby bump

Taraji P. Henson

She’s best known for playing the character of the fur-wearing empress of the ‘Empire’ in the hit FOX TV series. But Taraji has been around enough for us to know that, apart from her incredible acting skills, she’s also blessed with natural curves.


Tracee Ellis Ross 

Tracee Ellis Ross has carved a niche for herself in entertainment, apart from her being the daughter of 12-time Grammy nominated singer, Diana Ross. It will be convenient to say the Girlfriends actress is naturally bootyful, which is why she’s on this list.


Mýa Harrison (Mýa)

Grammy award-winning Mýa was very popular in the 90s as a singer, actress and sex symbol. Rapper, The Game raps in his ‘Dreams’ about dreaming to get down with a R & B sensation like Mya, when he saw “that ass on front of that King (magazine).”


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